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an IndieOne Venture

See the value landscape, uniquely design your work, embrace high profits.

The NAVIGATE Program for Indie Hackers

Copy Less

Navigate More

If you have a strong individual consumer base for marketing and sales, that is fine, but many people getting started with solopreneurship find that having at least one B2B or high-value product revenue stream can be a way to build stability and faster earnings growth.


While few Indie Hackers want to grow big corporations, going it completely alone is losing out on potential leverage. Throughout the course, we integrate principles of automation, contractors, and crew to make your dreams a reality.


Many independent-minded earners value the hustle and the willingness to sacrifice more for your goals. 

The hard truth is that no goal is guaranteed and there is a certain immorality for subjecting your present self for an imaginary future self. Learn how to live an integrated life through vocational thinking and visioning.


On one hand, value is simple math: value (price) = happy-to-pay/ happy-to-provide

But what many people miss is that there are places in the landscape of price comfort is much higher AND the product delivery is much easier. You will learn to wield the tools to see high-value positions clearly.


10 Days

"Within ten days, you'll seem like a god to those who now think of you as a mere animal, if you return to first principles and the worship of reason."


Marcus Aurelius

Learn Value Strategy and identify profit models that make winning the norm for you.

Day 01

Dive into the deep end of Value Strategy with the Venture Canvas, understanding how you can methodically niche your way to easy-to-win value positions.

Day 02

Learn how to approach sales effectively and systematically as a process of understanding and qualification rather than manipulation.

Day 03

Practice the art of building a tribe and making marketing into a fun process of momentum-building.

Day 04

Learn Flywheel theory and combine your unique work style with a unique customer experience that increases results with less effort.

Day 05

Articulate a Venture plan that gives you useful focus and feedback without trapping you in an unknown future.

Day 06

Have you left home or are you still operating as an employee? Break the habits that don't add any value to your days or products.

Day 07

Instead of a mission statement or a fixed version of product development, use a Vocational Venture statement to say "no" more often and be glad about the free time to do what you love.

Day 08

Use the principles of Front-Sight-Focus to be confident in the integration between your daily work, your short-term goals, and your mid-to-long-term goals.

Day 09

Use 𝕏 for fun and productivity in developing sales and community (beta workshop).

Day 10

The Transformation includes 10 live hands-on workshop sessions with a revamped public persona and venture plan to 10x your current revenues

10-Day Transformation

The 10-day transformation + 10 weeks of executive coaching support: weekly asynchronous execution checks, live group workshops, and open consult hours.

10 x 10 Coaching

10x Your Venture

Asymmetries are your Secret Power

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