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an IndieOne Venture

Who knew life could be this good?

The Power of  Sight

Embrace vocation
Map the landscape of value
Be profitable​

for Solopreneurs

Navigate the Maze

Navigate Programs

Navigate is our Training Program that teaches solopreneurs strategic profitability, vocational venturing, B2B options, and crew assembly.

We currently offer 2 levels of the Navigate Program:

  • 10 Day Intensive: Rapid training and execution

  • 10 x 10: 10 Days of training and 10 weeks of coached execution.

The Crew

Indie Way products are produced by the IndieOne Crew. IndieOne is currently a crew of 1: Brian Hatano. Follow on 𝕏.

If you're interested in joining the Bridge Crew or for as a Special Projects crew member, applications will be opening later in summer, 2024.

Rising Together

8 Golden Memes

8 of the best ideas that humanity has created for understanding and navigating the world.

The Indie Way Book series is being published to provide windows into the future of living fulfilled, venturing successfully, and being sovereign over one's life.

The Indie Way Book Series

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